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NSA Student Poster Presentations / Poster Viewings

Tuesday, 3 December 2019 



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NSA Student Poster Presentations / Poster Viewings
Cummings Room – First Floor


The role of nutrition professionals in microbiome research: investigating cereal fibre as a case study
Ms Georgina Williams


University students who purchase food on-campus more frequently have less healthy dietary intake
Ms Megan Whatnall 


Bitter taste and oral health outcomes in older Australian adults
Ms Kiranjit Kaur


Transcriptomic changes during weight loss: A systematic literature review with primary data synthesis
Ms Kaitlin Day 


Expert interviews about scientific disagreement
Ms Kristine Deroover


Effects of Processed High-Sugar Diets on Pregnancy and Fetal Weight
Ms Sophie Lucic Fisher


The Physiological effects of L-Theanine Incorporated in a Functional Food Product (Mango Sorbet) in Males: A Pilot Randomised Controlled Trial
Mr Jackson Williams 


The use of honey as a potential therapeutic agent in the treatment of oral conditions a systematic literature review
Ms Maddison Hunter 


Inflaming Public Interest: Public Perceptions on Nutrition and Inflammation
Ms Stephaine Cowan


Carbohydrate intake and metabolic flexibility: An exploratory study of free living humans
Mrs Anneliese Blaxland


Selenium and iodine reduce oxidative stress in the placenta
Ms Nahal Habibi


Dietary intakes of older Australian adults with knee osteoarthritis
Ms Emily Webb


Vitamin D status and systemic inflammation in obese bariatric surgery patients
Ms Cherry Thompson


A systematic review of economic evaluations of antenatal nutrition and alcohol interventions and their associated implementation interventions
Ms Zoe Szewczyk


Supplementation with docosahexaenoic acid-enriched fish oil increases circulating testosterone in overweight and obese men
Ms Kylie Abbott


Reliability of a nutrition knowledge survey developed for Australian children ages 8-12
Ms Nienke de Vlieger


The effectiveness and meaningfulness of nutritional intervention programs amongst Indigenous Australians. A Scoping Review
Ms Daniella Rosa


Nutrients, foods, and dietary patterns: a descriptive analysis of the systematic reviews used to inform the Australian Dietary Guidelines
Ms Kate Wingrove


Nutrition Information Online: What do Australians Like?
Ms Divya Ramachandran


Is the glass half empty or half full? The associations between total, fermented and non-fermented dairy consumption, and depressive symptoms among middle-aged Finnish men
Ms Meghan Hockey 


Nutrition information is extremely important for our patients- A qualitative exploration among physiotherapists to provide nutrition care
Ms Kaleswari Somasundaram


The association of micronutrient intake on sleep quantity and quality
Ms Mitchel Bones 
1145-1148 Withdrawn  Do Australian chiropractors receive nutritional training at a standard that enables them to safely and competently provide nutritional recommendations to their patients?
Adrian Repka


Postprandial responses of one carbon metabolites to a single multivitamin supplement are age-dependent: an acute intervention study
Ms Nicola Gillies


A novel food environment mapping tool for under-resourced low-income communities
Ms Claire Walker

NSA Student Poster Presentations / Poster Viewings

Wednesday, 4 December 2019 



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NSA Student Poster Presentations / Poster Viewings
Cummings Room – First Floor


The short-term impact of consuming higher protein snack foods on energy intake in social drinkers: an exploratory study
Mr Alastair Kwok


What meals are identified by Australians as having few or a lot of vegetables?
Mrs Gozde Aydin


Integrating nutrition into the mathematics curriculum to improve primary school children’s portion size estimation skills
Ms Berit Follong


Effect of feeding behavior on stunting in children under 2 years old in China
MS Xinyue Ding


Determination of molar extinction coefficients for measuring total monomeric anthocyanin concentration in foods using UV-Vis Spectroscopy
Mrs Mamatha Chandra Singh


Pregnant women’s adherence to the Dutch food-based dietary guidelines, assessed using the DHD15-index
Ms Yvette Beulen


Critically analysing nutrition classification schemes for policy actions: a narrative literature review
Sarah Dickie


Impact of fruit and vegetable consumption patterns of pre-school aged Australian children (2-5yo) on whole diet intake of fibre
Dr Emma Beckett 


The effect of very-low calorie diets based on ultra-processed food on gut microbiota and metabolic outcomes in obese individuals: A systematic review
Ms Melissa Lane 


Influences of acute aerobic exercise on plasma homocysteine level
Mr Tomoki Yamazaki


Short chain fatty acids reduce LPS-induced inflammation in immune cells of obese humans
Mr Shaun Eslick


Is weight status associated with peripheral levels of oxytocin? A pilot study in healthy women
Mrs Janelle Skinner


The effect of Advanced glycation end-products on bone-quality deterioration and possible prevention with EGCG
Ms Naoki Fujimoto


The Relationship between Adherence to Australian Dietary Guidelines and Brain Health in Older People with and without Type 2 Diabetes
Ms Fateme Zabetiantarghi

 Poster Viewings


Poster Board Number  Poster Viewings
Cummings Room – First Floor
41 Cruciferous vegetable intake is inversely associated with abdominal aortic calcification in older Australian women
Dr Lauren Blekkenhorst
42 Intergenerational cycle of disease: Maternal anthropometry & newborn cardiometabolic health
Dr Jovana Mijatovic
43 Higher cardiovascular disease risk in post-menopausal women compared to pre-menopausal women
Dr Kumari Malkanthi Rathnayake
44 Effects of interrupting prolonged sitting on postprandial glucose responses according to dietary variables from two laboratory-based studies in type 2 diabetes.
Dr Robyn Larsen
45 Can mushrooms be explored for nutrition intervention potential for gestational diabetes?
Dr Vandana Gulati
46 Image-based and image-assisted dietary assessment methods: A systematic review of current evidence
Dr Megan Rollo
47 Design and development of a smartphone app for the collection of individual dietary intake data in settings where shared plate eating is common.
Dr Megan Rollo
48 Vulnerable, single and living in poverty: dietary intake of women living in Australian Capital Territory and WA
Professor Amanda Devine
49 The influences of dietary colonisation on gut microbiome in Indigenous populations: a rapid literature review
Kerith Duncanson
50 Advanced Glycation Endproduct-Induced Albuminuria and Changes in Gut Microbiota and Metabolome are Attenuated by Resistant Starch in a Mouse Model of Type 2 Diabetes
Dr Matthew Snelson
51 Fast Tracking Nutrition
Dr Susan Heaney
52 10 out of 10 for Nutrition Embedding the Nutrition Care Policy at the John Hunter Hospital.
Dr Susan Heaney
53 Extended enteral feeding after oesophagectomy
Mrs Emma McNamara
54 Experiences of feeding post-oesophagectomy
Dr Susan Heaney
55 Encapsulated Tuna Oil Results in Higher Absorption of DHA in Toddlers
Dr Samaneh Ghasemi Fard
56 Fruit and vegetable consumption and psychological distress in Australian pregnant and breastfeeding women
Associate Professor Susan Torres
57 Understanding processes and pathways in the development of eating behaviours and weight in childhood: Implications for research and intervention
Dr Georgie Russell
58 The Lactoferrin Receptor is Differentially Expressed in Pig Brain and Responds to Dietary LF Intervention
Professor Bing Wang
59 Breastfeeding and Infant Respiratory Health Outcomes in High Risk Offspring: A Systematic Review & Meta-Analysis
Ms Soriah Harvey
60 Risk of ketonemia and ketonuria in women with gestational diabetes:Â The MAMI2 study
Dr Jovana Mijatovic
61 Dietary changes and characteristics of women with and without gestational diabetes: The MAMI3 study
Dr Jovana Mijatovic
62 Infant birth outcomes are correlated with plasma micronutrient status
Dr Mansi Dass Singh
63 Testing thesuper in foods
Dr Tina Bianco-Miotto
65 Feasibility of the AusMed Diet Program: Translating the Mediterranean Diet for Older Australians
Ms Karly Zacharia
66 Starch intake during pregnancy is associated with child cognition at 4 years
Dr Rachael Taylor
67 Does following a ketogenic diet as an adjuvant treatment to radiation therapy or chemotherapy improve cancer outcomes: A systematic review
Ms Rebecca Haslam
68 Anti-proliferative effect of krill oil extract on human colorectal cancer cells is associated with the suppression of EGFR-mediated signalling pathway and expression of PDL-1
Associate Professor Xiao Su
69 Using novel technologies to integrate nutrition and mathematics education into primary schools
Dr Tamara Bucher
70 Development of the Home-Cooking Environment and Resource Inventory (Home-CookERITM )
Dr Vanessa Shrewsbury
71 Designing and implementing healthy eating campaigns on social media by health promotion professionals
Dr Tracy McCaffrey
72 Academics attitudes towards supporting nutrition science undergraduates and their career development
Dr Janeane Dart
73 Digital workbooks to support learning in flipped nutrition classrooms: student perspectives
Dr Dana Craven
74 Overview of an evidence-based Nutrigenomics approach to weight management
Dr Carlotta Petti
75 Palmitic Acid and its Potential Role in The Pro-Inflammatory Obesogenic Environment.
Dr Evan Williams
76 Which behaviour change techniques within weight management Interventions improve adiposity outcomes in young adults: A systematic review and meta-analysis of RCTs
Dr Lee Ashton
77 Assessment of satiety & satiation properties of fruits & vegetables consumed as snacks
Dr Nima Gunness
78 Process evaluation of a telehealth nutrition intervention for child weight management
 Associate Professor Tracy Burrows
79 Impact of Life-Time Exposure to Trauma on Body Awareness in People with Obesity: Baseline Results from a Nutrition Intervention Comparing Intermittent Fasting to Calorie Restriction
Dr Cynthia M Kroeger
80 Obesity and Symptom Management in Fibromyalgia
Associate Professor Surinder Baines
81 C-Reactive protein levels among non-obese and obese adolecents in Yogyakata, Indonesia
Ms Dian Sulistyoningrum
82 The Supporting MumS (SMS) study: A pilot RCT of a text-message delivered intervention for weight loss and maintenance of weight loss in the postpartum period.
Professor Michelle McKinley
83 Consumers behaviour towards functional food and health claims.
Jenifer Taise da Silva
84 Diet quality and headache in Australian female adults: A pilot study
Dr Alison Hill
85 Evaluation of chemical changes in potato chips, chicken nuggets and broccoli after deep frying with extra virgin olive oil, canola and grapeseed oils
Ms Florencia De Alzaa
86 Developing skills of future clinical dietitians.
Dr Susan Heaney
87 Assessment of the CAFPAS scale: Food Agency, diet quality and cooking behaviors in a nationally representative sample of adults in the United States
Dr Julia Wolfson
89 Comparison of “health foods” in supermarkets and health food stores
Dr Luke Gemming
90 Fast food continues to impact negatively on young adults diets.
Professor Margaret Allman-Farinelli
91 Secondary school healthy eating policy implementation: Canteen manager attitudes
Jessica S Wrigley
92 Targeting parental barriers of child preference, time and cost may result in healthier lunchboxes for children
Ms Amelia Chooi
93 Kid’s Menus at non-fast food venues: A survey of parents
Dr Vanessa Shrewsbury
94 Do images of unhealthy foods and beverages elicit disgust or fear; A comparison of general public and nutrition expert responses
Professor Clare Collins
95 Red Cell Folate (RCF) Overestimated in Australian Health Measures Survey (AHMS): Neural Tube Defect (NTD) Risk Possibly Underestimated.
Professor Timothy Green
96 Nutritional quality and cost of food and drinks available in vending machines at an Australian university.
Dr Melinda Hutchesson
97 Plasma phospholipid omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids as a determinant of omega-3 status
Mr Anu Alex
98 Nutritional value of Plant-based ‘milks’ available in New Zealand
Ms Sue Hammond
99 The influence of food waste on the nutritional composition of Black Solider Fly larvae: A systematic literature review
Dr Jessica Danaher
100 A model for the planning, implementation and evaluation of domestic cooking education programs
Ms Roberta Asher
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