Nestle Lunch Symposium

Date: Thursday 1 December 2016

Speakers: Dr Flavia Fayet-Moore – Nutrition Research Australia and Soeren Krumrey – Consumer Insights Manager at Nestlé Australia

Topic: How can we improve the diets of 14-18 year olds?

Over 60% of Aussie teens have inadequate calcium and magnesium intakes, and many over-consume sodium and free sugars. Have you ever wondered why this is the case and questioned where to even begin making improvements? Is it overall dietary quality? Or skipping meals? Maybe certain eating occasions are lacking in shortfall nutrients? Join us for the latest in-depth exploration of teenager’s food choices and discussion of potential opportunities to address the under consumption of key micronutrients. Hear from Dr Flavia Fayet-Moore from Nutrition Research Australia who will present a sub-analysis of the 2011-12 Australian National Nutrition and Physical Activity Survey, along with Soeren Krumrey, Consumer Insights Manager at Nestlé Australia, who will reveal what teens and their families think about food – their perceptions, attitudes and behaviours.